Kiera Cappuccino (Caramello)

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The Kiera bikini offers SALT’s take on iconic Italian beach glamour: sophisticated, elegant and sexy beach wear that makes you feel comfortable and at ease all summer long. Our inspiration for this bikini piece was the summer girl that enjoys all the adventurous summer bliss: jet skiing, wakeboarding, running on the beach, suntanning on a boat, enjoying cocktails by the pool and volleyball on the sand. For a fun and adventurous vibe, we created a strapless top that allows you to have the maximum beach fun and also tan perfectly (with SPF, of course!), so you can look gorgeous in the evening in all those fabulous summer dresses. What’s best, this model is an incredible day to evening piece as it has a sublime and elegant shimmer which makes you look equally glamorous in the sun, and at a sunset pool party (more on that in our Styling section).


We adore the Kiera piece as it stands for fun, happiness and it is such a glamorous take on summer. The light shimmer that each color has is beautifully reflected in the sun, making you look elegant and put together at the beach. After a full day in the sun, you can seamlessly transition to sunset cocktails on the beach with the addition of a flowy, light skirt, a great lipstick and some fun jewelry. You already have the perfect strapless top that shimmers in the evening light and can be paired with a variety of clothing, jewelry and beauty looks.

We love the look of a classic, white, linen button down shirt paired with the bottoms, or a maxi cut-out skirt paired with the top. Viva la summer!


Please note that we have this model in sizes Small and Medium. Items run true to size, meaning that our Small and Medium reflect the industry standards in Europe. Since the tie on the top is adjustable, it is suitable for a variety of sizes. We recommend a Small top for cup sizes A, B and C, and a Medium top for cups C, D and DD.

The Small bottom is suitable for sizes XS and S, while the Medium bottom is suitable for sizes M and L. The front is elegant and accentues the beauty of the female form, while the back is cheeky.


All of our swimsuits are made with premium Italian fabric by Carvico. Light, soft, breathable, comfortable, elegant, stretchy and durable.

  • Premium quality swimwear
  • Fast drying time
  • Optimized for minimum tan lines
  • Composition: 85 % Polyamide 15 % Elastin


Please note that our swimwear is photographed in the studio, therefore slight color variations may appear due to the camera lens and lighting.

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